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Dogs Are People To
Sunday, July 28, 2013, 212856 views
You can trust most dogs more than most of the people you meet, they will be honest with you from the start. If they don't like you or don't want you to bother them they let you know from the minute you meet them.
Once they get to know you they are a loving friend forever and would protect you with their life.
They have a great instinct about people, most of the time when we have Bentley out and people walk by he is very friendly or just ignores them, but some one will walk by  and he gets a sense and his ears go up and he is fixated on them and his body language is saying there is something I don't trust about this person.
Our newfy Bentley is so amazing he makes us laugh everyday, he loves everybody and everybody loves him.  When we go to our sons baseball games all the little kids always expect to see him and if they don't they're all ask where is Bentley.
I taught him at an early age to get the news paper, something I could not teach our kids to do in 18 years living here,  he even goes and gets it with out being told if the door is open so he can get outside
From the first night we brought him home he has slept in our bed, he likes to cuddle with his mom. No matter what he is doing when she comes home and he hears the garage door opening he is out the door and greating her with a big wet kiss.
He did earn his place here when he was about 4 months old while we were at my wifes parents for hannuka someone tried to rob our house, they heard him in the back yard so they propped the gate open and waited for him to run off so they could get in but the great dog he is he never left the back yard.
Anyone that has ever had a dog knows what a great joy they can be, no matter how upset or stressed you are when you see them it has instant calming effect.
To most dog lovers they are just another child in the family, and most are easier to teach and train than your children.
I can not imagine being without a dog in my life nor would I want to, since my wife and I have been together we have had 4 dogs in the family, we lost the first 3 due to injury, health and old age.
And for those that have never expierienced the loss it is no different than lossing a family member, everybody cries from the kids to the adults.
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