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My rant about AT&T services
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Updated: Saturday, January 26, 2013, 30729 views
Well I guess since I finished developing the Blog add-on for the content management system I might as well write my first ever Blog.
I don't know about the rest of you but I am getting tired of AT&T, They never tell you exactly what you are getting when you purchase a service.
I have been with them for many years and It never gets better
I started out with 4 phones , 3 IPhones and and Motorola Atrix.
The Iphone service is Good but the Atrix service was always a problem. After many failed attempts to fix the dropped calls and lowsey data service I finally dropped the Atrix account and went to Verizon and Got A Razr Maxx so far so good with that.
Everytime I went into the AT&T store they tried to sell me on U-Verse, I had my TV, Land-line and Internet with Time Warner for 20 years and never really had any major problems.
The people at the AT&T store were always nice and I liked them so one day I finally broke down and dropped Time Warner and Got AT&T U-verse along with land-line and internet service.
We have 5 TV's in our house plus a TV card on my computer so that when I am working at night I can watch the Angel games, they sold me 5 U-verse boxes, I had to give up the TV on my computer because there was really no way to hook up a box to it.
After the services were installed we started getting messages that said we needed to interupt a TV when you turned on other TV's I went back to the AT&T store to talk to them about it and after a long conversation with tech support they told me that the U-verse service only supports 4 active services (oh and I had the DVR also) so that meant you could only run 4 TV's or 3 TV's if you were recording something because the when you are recording that is a service.
As soon as I get off my ass I will switch back to Time warner, with them I can have as many TV's as I want, you dont need a box to run TV with them, just if you want HD.
OK thats the second major problem I had with AT&T
One of my sons needed a new IPhone because he was moving to Costa Mesa for college and I wanted to make sure he had a good phone so we could always contracts him. 
He keeps dropping them and cracking the screen  , so I went to the AT&T store and got him a new IPhone 4.
The sales person ask me if I wanted to get insurance for it, at first I said no then I ask if it would cover broken screens and they said yes.
I ask again, so if he breaks the screen he can bring it in and they will fix or replace it with no questions asked, they again said yes. So I added the insurance for $9.99 per month.
Well he has had the phone for a little over a year and finally dropped it and cracked the screen.
No problem I told hime to take it to the AT&T store and get it fixed or replaced, he came back and told me that it would cost $198.00 to replace it.
I called the store and talked to a manager and told him what I was told when I got the phone and he said he was sorry but they do not fix or replace phones I would have to take it to an IPhone store and it would cost $198.00 because they would just replace it.
Well I guess I should blame my self for not asking the right questions when I got the insurance like will there be any additional cost, but the sale rep could have told me that when I got it but then I probably would not have added the insurance.
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